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Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our gutter cleaning service.

Are you insured and certified to conduct the work on my roof?

Man with LadderYes we are insured for both workers compensation and public liability to a total of $20 000 000. We are also certified to work at heights which is vital to ensure these insurances are not null and void. We can email you a copy of our current certificates of currency for all relative insurances to your email upon request.

What forms of payment do you accept? Can I pay with my Credit Card?

We accept all Credit Cards, Cash, Direct Debit and Cheque.

Do I need to be at home when you visit?

Man On Ladder Blowing LeavesWe Pride ourselves on turning up on time and on schedule! But we are very aware that life in Sydney can be extremely fast paced even at the best of times! We understand that you can't afford to take time off your busy schedule to wait for a gutter cleaner. We can definitely service your home without you being there, unless there is some kind of fence or an unfriendly canine! Fill in the form and I will tell you more regarding this question.

How long does it take to clean my gutters?

Cleaned GutterThis is extremely hard to answer, as it depends on many aspects, mostly the amount of gutters to be cleared and access to those gutters. Another factor is if there is gutter guard installed, if we have to fiddle around with gutter guards in order to clean it will be a LONG day! 1 Gentleman can clean at 2 Bedroom Terrace is about 2 Hours, 2 Gentleman can clean a Double Storey 5 bedroom home with gutter guard problems throughout in about 5 hours.

Do you recommend and install Gutter Guard?

Gutter GuardYes, we have only 1 preffered product that we install after thousands of gutter cleans. It's called a leaf screen. This product we find to be the most beneficial to our customers as it creates a ski slope effect on a pitched roof, allowing the debris to skid off the roof when blown in the direction of the gutters. Any gutte guard that sit's flat is the gutters will just collect rubbish. Flat gutter guards are only usefull of flat roofs, if your roof has a pitch on it, you should take advantage of that and install the ski lope gutter screen mesh. Definitely go for an aluminium or metal product rather than plastic. You should only consider plastic if you are near the ocean. Don't buy cheap bunnings gutter guards, you get what you pay for!

Will you remind me when my next Gutter Clean is due?

Definitely, we will either book you in for your next gutter clean in advance or send you a reminder SMS every 3, 6 or 12 months to remind you.

Will you clean up after yourself?

100% yes, actually we will leave your home cleaner than before we arrived! We won't leave until you are 100% satisfied with our clean up.

Can or do you do Roof Repairs?

Man on RoofWe can perform only very basic repairs like replacing broken roof tiles or silicone sealing gaps or holes in the gutters or roofing. Anything more than that would have to be performed by a roofer or roof plumber. They do roof repairs and problem solving full time, so they would be much better at executing a Roof Repair than us. If your primary concern is to get your gutters cleaned and to get a roof report or install a gutter guard, we are your solution. If you primary concern is a roofing issue, you should definitely engage a roofing professional and not us.

Do you clean Windows?

We can definitely clean the outside of your skylight windows whilst we are up on your roof for a small additional fee, but we don't clean windows at all unfortunately. We specialise in Cleaning Gutters and installing Gutter Guard.

Will you take photographs before and after the clean?

We definitely will provide you with photographic evidence before and after to show you how much work was needed to clean the gutters. This is very important!

Will you flush my downpipes too?

Offcourse we will! This is the most important phase of the Gutter Cleaning process! If you don't unblock the downpipes, you've wasted your time and the customers time (AND MONEY!)

Can you service a Strata Complex?

We definitely can service your Strata Complex, we have executed gutter cleans on groups 80 -150 townhouses, and have worked on 5 storey buildings. All you need to do is fill in the form or give us a call on 0437076104 and we will come to the complex and compile a quote and email it to the relevant parties for their consideration.