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Gutter Cleaning Safety in Sydney
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Safety is a Major Concern whilst working on a Rooftop in Sydney. If your Roof has difficult or dangerous access, you need to hire an experienced expert that will ensure the job gets done safely and properly.Watch the Video to the left of Screen Entitled Gutter Cleaning Safety to watch Adrian in Action. They (The Gutter Cleaner) need to be aware of any dangers (dew on the roof making it slippery, Steep Pitch etc) and come up with a plan to get the Job done without any risk of injury from a fall. Unfortunately when looking for a cheap gutter cleaner in Sydney, you will come across many companies or individuals that offer Gutter Cleaning as a side extra service. They just do it now and then to make an extra dollar. That's perfectly fine if it's on a flat roof with easy access, but if there is an element on danger, it could go horribly wrong. I only clean gutters in Sydney, It's all I do. I'm not a garden boy looking to make some extra money or a window washer. I visit between 10-14 different homes across Sydney each week to clean their Gutters. Window Washers are experienced (most of them) at working on elevated platforms or ladders, a lot of the time they use a long pole device to clean windows to lower the risk. But Gutter Cleaning is Different, it needs to be performed from the customers roof, without extender poles or sucky vacuums. Using a Vacuum from the ground or on the Roof is a flawed gutter cleaning process.

Your Gutter Cleaner needs to know where and how to set up a fall arrest or prevention system (Harness). They need to have an assortment of different anchor point systems handy whenever they arrive to a new Gutter Cleaning job in Sydney. For example an anchor point (the point to which the Rope is secured to prevent a fall) designed for a tiled roof, will not work on a Metal Colorbond Roof and Vice Versa.
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Gutter Cleaning Safety in Sydney
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Before arriving to the Job your Gutter Cleaning Expert needs to check the weather forecasts to ensure conditions will be suited to working on a roof. An obvious example would be the rain prediction, but what about high winds? I'm sure you all know that working on a wet roof is riddled with dangers, but did you know that in the heat of summer the heat from the suns rays heats up your tiles. (So much so, that I could Fry an Egg on your Roof. I'm not Joking!). This is dangerous because it makes getting off the roof difficult because you can't put your hand on the tiles for balance when exiting. You could become stuck on the roof!

If you are not trained to use a harness properly, you can damage the roof or actually trip over the rope and end up falling! You need to be aware whilst cleaning the gutters of where the excess rope is and identify if it has become entangled in a Skylight or inbetween roof tiles. This can be tragic if it's not identified, because you think the rope is secure and you are relying on the rope for balance. Only for the rope to pop out behind the skylight or roof tile and you get thrown in the wrong direction (Usually over the edge of the Roof!)
Gutter Cleaning Safety in Sydney
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Gutter Cleaning Safety

You need to concentrate on how much angle you are working with in proportion to the location of your anchor point. If you are working with too much angle, you can get seriouly hurt if you fall. Why? because if you have too much angle, you will swing if you fall off the edge. You will swing at a fast pace and crash into something that could injure you badly or sever the rope, causing you to fall to the bottom. Once the angle becomes too Large, you need to take the time to set up the anchor point again to reduce the angle to below 45 degrees. How many Garden Boys or Window Washers are aware of this?

Now That you Know How Serious we are about Safety during the Gutter Cleaning Process, It's time for you to get a Free Quote. It's Never Been easier to get a Free Quotation for Gutter Cleaning in Sydney. You can either Fill in the Form on our Contact Page (By Clicking Here), Send me a PM on Facebook (By Clicking Here) BTW if you like the Facebook Page, you could win a Free Gutter Clean or recieve a discount! You can send a text message with your First Name to 0437076104 or an email to . I will respond with a Free Quote within 24hrs, it's that easy and convenient.

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